Vodafone Survey Finds Large Percentage of Businesses Uninformed About Security

CyberPrivacy Brief:

  • A recent cybersecurity report from Vodafone found that 41% of the respondents across industry sectors were uncertain about where to seek help to meet their cybersecurity challenges.
  • The engineering and construction sector was among the most uncertain, with 52% of organizations unsure of where to seek security advice.
  • The survey included 1,434 security-decision makers in small, medium-sized and multinational corporations globally.

Further, the survey revealed that 60% of small companies felt uninformed about security, with smaller companies noting concerns about permanent data loss and larger companies about regulation and compliance matters.

The survey data also showed that businesses see a strong connection about cybersecurity as a means to enhance their success, rather than simply a defense against attacks, with 86% of high-growth companies seeing information security as essential for new business growth,  including winning consumer trust, Vodafone said.

“Organisations that use cloud technology or the Internet of Things (IoT), report greater returns from the way they use cybersecurity. IoT adopters report a 24% increase in financial benefits from having strong cybersecurity including improvements to their business agility,” according to the report.

Commenting on the report, Andrzej Kawalec, Vodafone group head of enterprise cybersecurity strategy and innovation, said he believed the most successful companies “will be the ones which design in security from the start and use it as a springboard.”  He added that cybersecurity has evolved from simple protection to companies of all sizes using it to “support and accelerate innovation and growth.”


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